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JMJ Transportation Services, LLC holds itself to the highest standards with all of the services we offer, and in every aspect of the work we do. With our experienced drivers and in-depth knowledge of Milwaukee and its surroundings, we’re dedicated to offering diverse and specialized capabilities tailored to your ever-changing needs. Take a look at some of the services we offer below.

Airplane and Red Carpet


Are you interested in a transportation service with years of experience? We make it a point to ensure you get the highest quality service around the clock. Our School/ Day Care Transport team provides services that are set apart from the rest by our consistency, reliability, communication and quality. For parents and children this means a completely new experience built around students’ needs—offering greater safety and real-time visibility into kids’ locations, route updates, and overall ride experience.


Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is an important benefit for people who need assistance getting to and from medical appointments. Our resources for providers explain important guidelines such as the difference between emergency and non-emergency medical transportation, accepted types of transportation, the types of transportation service delivery systems, and driver and vehicle acceptance criteria. We also discuss common fraud schemes and provide fraud and abuse prevention tips.


Looking for an alternative to the traditional Milwaukee Airport shuttle or taxi? We know you want to arrive comfortably and on time and we are the people to guarantee just that. We take pride in all of our vehicles and work hard to get you to the airport no matter how bad the traffic may be. We invest the necessary time in communication and preparation to guarantee your safe arrival. Whether you’re going from Milwaukee Airport to the art museum or the zoo, get where you’re going with JMJ transportation Services.



Providing transportation services for family members and friends to visit their loved ones while incarcerated in Wisconsin correctional institutions.

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